Dumplings seem to be one of the most common global universal dishes – yes, with different names, different recipes, sizes, additions – but generally, they are just variations to a tune. Of course, dumplings have no right to be on a LCHFer’s plate, unless they are extremely low in carbs. Like ours!  Try them, you’ll thank us later!


1 large egg

30 g Organic Almond Flour Sukrin

15 g Psyllium Husk powder

80 – 100 g cream cheese



Whisk the egg and add the rest of the ingredients.

Put in the fridge for at least 10 minutes so the mixture sets.

Once it did, bring a large pot of water to a boil; reduce to a low simmer. Use two spoons, passing the mixture from spoon to spoon to form the dumplings.

Alternatively, you can form the little rolls (make sure your hands are cold and slightly moist) and cut the dumplins from them.

Put the dumplings genty to the boiling watter – one at a time. After they float to the surface, cook for another minute or so. Remove them with a slotted spoon and put in a colander so the water drains off.

Serve with whatever floats your boat. We used some fried bacon and homemade pesto. Dumplings go well with meat, vegetables or whatever you like. The simplest idea is to put some butter on them.


Usually the dumplings are not salted, rather the salt is added to the water. I felt I have more control over the salt content if mixing it right into the mixture.

If you wanted a brighter looking dumplings, you can use coconut flour – however, the dumplings will have a slightly sweet taste to them. Using almond flour really makes them look like buckwheat dumplings.

Also, you can add more spices or even chopped spinach to the mixture. In the case of the spinach, cook it first and drain all the water out.


The recipe was originally published in Slovene, by our own Uroš at Danger Men Cooking LCHF

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