Free e-book: Navigating the fats

If you are reading this, you probably are not new to the notion of eating fat instead of carbs is generally a good and a healthy idea. However, it’s not that simple: people who switch to keto / LCHF just start including all sorts of fat in their daily meals, among them pork, vegetable oils of all sorts… Although including those is not necessarily bad per se, one should remember that not all fats are beneficial to health. In the past few decades we’ve been hearing about the damage that saturated fats are allegedly posing for our health, but the thing is – it’s not the saturated. More and more research shows it’s the polyunsaturated (PUFA), especially linoleic fatty acid (omega-6).

This free e-book will shed a light on what fats we should avoid – even if we have not adopted keto / LCHF lifestyle.

Navigating the fat

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