The problem of lazy cooks who love fresh herbs but don’t like to chop it each time they cook, does not only have the solution in the form of Herb Butter, but also in pesto. World renowned pesto alla genovese (garlic, pine nuts, basil, salt, parmesan and pecorino cheese and olive oil) is just one of the many variants. Ours is a simple one and it doesn’t contain salt for the practical reason: it is easier to control salt content of the final meal.




olive oil


The original pestos are made in marble mortars and each basil leave is crushed separately. Although this is a better way of preserving the fullness of the taste, we chose to use an immersion blender to finalize the dip. Any food processor will do.

Wash the herbs of your choosing, dry them well and cut into smaller pieces. Put them in a tall mixing bowl (usually comes with the hand blenders), pour some olive oil and start mixing. Apply short pulses of mixing – you don’t want to overheat the oil. Mix until the mixture gets creamy consistency.

Pesto can be stored in a jar and will last for about a week in refrigerator.

However, you can also use the ice cube mold to freeze it. When doing so, fill the cube compartments by two thirds and drizzle some olive oil on top of each. This will prevent oxidation of the herbs on top. Unfreeze at room temperature before using.

You can use it in salads as well as as addition to cooked meals.

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