Herb Butter

One of the things I like about LCHF diet is its simplicity – it is so easy to eat and be well fed even if one is a lazy cook. I am especially lazy when it comes to herbs – I love them but hate chopping them all the time. Walking down the local market, I’m just blown away by the selection of herbs – so lovely, smelling delicious! If only I could find a way of having them ready whenever I need to make something to eat really fast and fuss-free! Storing them for an extended period of time in a ready-to-use form, is absolute must. Homemade herb butter comes so handy!



chopped herbs (fennel leaves, parsley, basil)

1 tbs olive oil


Soften the butter by leaving it at room temperature for at least half an hour. Chop the herbs to your preferred size (some like it finely chopped, the others like to keep them in bigger pieces).

Put the butter in a mixing bowl and add the olive oil. Using the hand mixer whisk the butter so it becomes fluffy. Mix in the chopped herbs, put into a jar and refrigerate.

The quantities of butter and herbs really depend on your taste, so it’s up to you: whether you like more butter or more herbs in it. Try different ratios to see what works for you. Of course the selection of herbs is also up to you. There’s a lot to choose from: apart from our suggestion, you might want to try mixing in dill, thyme, chives, dried tomatoes and chopped garlic as well.

Herb butter can be used on low carb breads, but mostly as addition to your cooked meals. As you know, you add your fat on top!

Take note however: the herb butter will only last a few days.

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