Pancakes – LCHF Ready

When it comes to pancakes, there seem to be some cultural differences: some think of pancakes as thin crêpes, others think of typical American flapjacks. The main difference between the two is the raising agent in the flapjacks.

The following is a basic crêpe recipe with very low carb content, soft and delicious. Most importantly: they can easily be flipped when cooking!


2 eggs

100 ml heavy cream

10 g Organic Almond Flour Sukrin

10 g natural sweetener Sukrin Melis

5 g Psyllium Husk powder

pinch of salt

vanilla extract

coconut oil for greasing the pan


Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl and set aside 10 minutes. Once the mixture has set, grease and heat the pancake can. Pour half of the mixture into the pan, cook half a minute or so until the pancake is golden. Flip it and cook on the other side as well.

Use your favourite filling: it can be sour cream, whipped cream, low carb jam or you can use your home made chocolate-hazelnut spread.

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