Chocolate-hazelnut Spread: Gianduia

Gianduia was invented in Turin, Italy in late 19th century, beacuse Napoleon’s measures earlier in the century put a strain on cocoa supplies. So two chocolatiers thought of extending the little chocolate they had left by adding finely ground hazelnut paste to it. The rest is basically irrelevant history – who can even think about history if this mouthwatering gem is waiting to be spooned?!


350 ml heavy cream

100 g dark chocolate

1tbs cocoa (Dutch processed)

1 tbs natural sweetener Sukrin Melis

100 g roasted hazelnuts

100 g butter


First you have to grind the hazelnuts into a fine paste. It is quite a challenge if you don’t have a professional type of grinder, but grind the hazelnuts in regular food processor and they will give up! 🙂 It can take up to 15, 20 minutes, but eventually the oils will start coming out of the hazelnuts and paste will be formed.

The paste can be used by itself, but to make chocolate-hazelnut spread, heat the cream, cocoa and the sweetener in medium sauce pan. Before boiling add the chopped chocolate. Stir it gently with a plastic spatula until it melts. Chill in refrigerator over night.

Mix the hazelnut paste with softened butter.

Using the hand mixer whip the chocolate mixture so it becomes slightly fluffy and then mix the chocolate and hazelnut mixtures. Pour into a jar and keep refrigerated until used.

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