Happilly buying smaller sized clothes
Hometown:Ljubljana, Slovenia
Height:166 cm
Starting Weight:75 kg
Current Weight:61 kg
Current Waist Size:67 cm

How did LCHF work for you?

LCHF is almost like being reborn. I feel so much better having lost so many kilos. But finally I can say, the scale is the least of my source of joy: the lightness, the newly found agility of my mind and body, it is simply amazing.

Ocassionally I do slip, especially when family gatherings are in question, but unlike before, this is really just a little twist: I can easily get back to my butter, eggs, veggies and avocado routine and I sure hope it stays like this.

Being a woman I find the greatest pleasure in buying new clothes – it’s the little pleasures of the results of having lost weight: the need to buy smaller sized outfit. I wanted to show you my new pair of jeans – no words needed.

I wanted to thank the LCHFlove.com team. I’m glad I chose to invest into myself: the results are simply priceless.

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