Dropping 70 kilos in a year!

What can I say? A picture is worth a thousand words – so let the photos speak: on the first one there’s me at a congress last October and on the second me a year after. Last year I had 180 kilos, this year I’m wearing my high school pants!

I started the LCHF diet on January 20 this year. I’m one of those people who never were bothered by their weight. I didn’t mind, I did nothing about it. Then one day it dawned on me that I indeed am “a bit too fat”. On the day I had 173,3 kg, today I weigh 111,2 kg.

How did I lose weight? First I improvised by myself for two months, then I joined the study, which lasted for 3 months – and I followed Grom’s directions. I’m somewhere in between now. During the summer, especially in vacation, I also ate carbs, but in “normal” amounts. Nevertheless, I still lost 2 kilos in two weeks.

Outside the vacation I either strictly follow the keto principles or occasionally let it a bit loose, but still quite in the range of the LCHF (up to 100 g carbs per day, but often not at all). I indulge myself here and there, but I don’t hold grudges against that, because I also started working out. I feel the best when I’m in ketosis, especially when I’m fasting. I experiment a lot, I play, explore and try to figure out how these things work …

I’ll probably never agree with Gašper on the topic of the “sweet tooth”: when I was introduced to keto diet, I had no problem with giving up sweet foods.

One of the most fascinating “side-effects” of going keto, is the fact how much more I am able to do, how little sleep I need, how good the sleep itself got – I’ve always been a good sleeper, but the quality of sleep is something completely different now.

There is also a downside 😊 – many members of my family are threatening me of secretly making me eat carbs, so I stop bugging them with keto / LCHF.

Well, in the end, I’m entertaining an idea to write a book of my own, describing the ups and downs of nutritional transformation. I do hope Gašper will contribute his revision 😉

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