Whopping 63 kilos! Greatest loser!

I’ve been battling obesity for as long as I remember. Was there anything I didn’t try? It certainly didn’t seem so: diet after diet after diet – but no results. Even worse, each dieting spree ended with a few extra kilos!

My inital weight was 156 kilos. A friend helped me by introducing me to a local gym, which was awesome, but then I changed my job, lacked the gym time, I bounced back. Lost weight again, got it back. I even got my doctor’s help – which worked for a while, but my problem was always the same: I felt deprived, needed my (over)dose of carbs and sweet foods!

I was really desperate.

Enter’s team. I joined one of their research projects, and here I am. Take a look at my before and after weight-loss photos! Amazing, right?

I have 93 kilos. I’ve never felt lighter, thinner and more satisfied with how I feel in my own skin. I’m full of energy, my mental focus is sharp, I even sleep better.

But the most important change that was brought about by LCHF diet: no more sugar cravings! Gone!

This is my success story.

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