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Egg diet vs. egg fast

If you ever found yourself in a situation when you wanted to lose weight fast, I bet you have come across the so called “egg diet” or “boiled egg diet”. Discussing the logic of the egg diet is futile – there is only one reason why it works. There is no magic behind it. It works because people who adhere to it decrease the overall energy intake. That’s it. At, we do believe in the power of eating eggs , but just because eggs are a part of randomly structured diet, it doesn’t make them a magic wand.

So, egg diet is basically a low(er) energy diet, which coincidentally includes eggs. Egg fast however is a far cry from the egg diet. In its essence, it’s a foundation of ketogenic diet / LCHF. Egg fast qualifies for the standard ketogenic diet, the most extreme version of LCHF.

Egg fast recipes, egg fast plan

There is no plan for egg fast. Structuring the plan is easy, as the only things you eat are eggs, butter or other quality dietary fats (olive, avocado, coconut or hazelnut oil) and optionally full fat cheese. Dry and fresh spices are allowed.

Women will, for example, eat 2 to 3 meals consisting of 3 eggs and 0.7 – 1 oz (20 to 30 g) of butter. Quantities are slightly bigger for men: 4 to 5 eggs and about 1.4 oz (40 g) of butter. These are approximations, of course. How many eggs and how many meals a day you will have depends on your life-style: sedentary individuals need to eat less, the active ones can eat more. Full fat cheese can be added. The rule of a thumb is: 0.8 oz (25 g) per egg. But beware: cheese can negatively affect appetite.

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What else do you need to know?

Don’t forget the salt. You will need more of it, as the egg fast plan will have diuretic effect and you’ll soon lack minerals, especially sodium. Also, it’s not a bad idea to supplement vitamins and minerals with some type of one-a-day vitamin-mineral capsule.

How does egg fast work?

Instead of calculating macros, the egg fast plan is the highway to a perfect ketogenic plan. The macros of egg fast will basically be 5% : 20% : 75% of energy from carbs, protein and fats respectively. You will be in ketosis in no time.

Can egg fast be used as a crash diet?

Look, what you do to your body is your decision. Having said that, crash diets are an overall bad idea. If you were ignoring your body for ages, eating mindlessly, not working out, not being picky about the quality of nutrients – you simply can’t remove the consequences with a simple, crash solution.

The point of egg fast is to either enter ketosis, if you want to switch to keto / LCHF, or to enhance the power of ketosis when you hit a plateau. If this is your kick start into the keto life-style, you have to take into account that egg fast could be too monotonous for you and might pose a psychological burden that will make you give up long before you get to see the benefits of keto nutrition. Keto flu is also possible, especially if you are a heavy carb eater.

Egg fast, jajčni post, jajčna dieta

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