Early time-restricted feeding has series of health benefits

Early time-restricted feeding: health benefits

Time-restricted feeding is one of the versions of fasting and its been heavily researched recently. Time-restricted feeding stands for shortening the time in which the food is eaten every day. Most commonly, users of this method will eat within the 8 hour window. Early time-restricted feeding involves eating in the early hours of the day (approximately between 7-8 AM and 3-4 PM). Any kind of time-restriced feeding or even intermittent fasting is quite common in the LCHF community: following the LCHF diet just makes you not want to constantly munch on something; fasting for 16 hours a day comes naturally.

Eearly time-restricted feeding: the study

Any type of fasting can have beneficial effects in terms of metabolic health and cardio-vascular health. A new pilot study conducted by Department of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, shows that eating early in the daytime and fasting for the rest of the day improves blood sugar control, blood pressure and oxidative stress, even when people don’t change what they eat.

130 men with prediabetes were enrolled into a cross-over study (meaning that both groups go through both regimens). Control group was prescribed a normal, weight maintenance diet whereby they ate within 12 hours of each day, the other group ate the same amounts in the first part of the day – from the morning to around 3 PM.


Early time feeding showed to have beneficial effects even in the absense of weight loss. Weight loss usually has similar results – many biomarkers stabilize if we lose weight, no matter the method. The results of UAB research show that early time-restricted feeding:

  • increases insulin sensitivity
  • improves beta cell function in the pancreas
  • lowers blood pressure
  • lowers oxidative stress
  • lowers the desire to eat in the evening, which may help with weight loss

They also noted that the fasting triglycerides increased, but according to the authors this is due to the methods of the research (Sutton et al., 2018).

Early time-restricted feeding has series of health benefits
Many positive effects of early time-restricted feeding

SUTTON, E.F. et al. 2018. Early Time-Restricted Feeding Improves Insulin Sensitivity, Blood Pressure, and Oxidative Stress Even without Weight Loss in Men with Prediabetes. Cell Metabolism, vol. 27, no. 6, pp. 1212-1221.e1213, DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2018.04.010

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