Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider perfect body

Alicia Vikander: ketogenic diet for a perfect body

Lara Croft a.k.a Tomb Raider strikes again. This time around the main badass will be played by a Swedish actress and a former ballerina Alicia Vikander. One has to admit that by normal standards of non-celebrities she was in perfect shape even before filming the Tomb Raider, but Hollywood demands more than just perfection, so Alicia had to do everything in her power to become a poster-girl for a more than perfect body.

The most funny thing about all this? She used ketogenic diet to sculpt her body.

As reported by the media, she was quite strict in going keto, just pure badassness. She ate fish and seafood, MCT oil, avocado and coconut oil and some vegetables.

It goes beyond saying: keto works no matter what the starting point and no matter how thin you want to be.

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