Beef Salad #2

Using beef as an ingredient in a salad has been all the rage in my kitchen – most commonly in a way to use the cooked beef from a broth. While it technically is a kind of “salad”, it’s not a side dish, but something that is eaten as a standalone meal. It can come in many varieties, this one, for example, features a beef steak and some delicious veggies.


beef steak

a handful of cherry tomatoes

a handfull of green leafy vegetables like aragula, radicchio, young spinach, lamb’s lettuce

a few slices of parmesan cheese

salt, pepper, rosemary

olive oil

vinegar (optional)


Prepare the steak the way you like (here’s an idea for t-bone, but you can just the tenderloin or whichever part you prefer) and cut it in slices. You will probably want the meat to cool down – using hot pieces of meat in a tender salad can make vegetables slightly mushy.

Wash the vegetables, cut the tomatoes in half. In a bowl add salt, pepper, oil and herbs and mix. Put the mixture on a plate and add the beef slices on top.

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