Chocolate Ice Cream

Whenever the word “ice cream” comes to my mind, I start hearing Roberto Benini’s chant from the movie Down By Law, where conjugation of the verb “scream” finally becomes “We all screama for Ice creama” (a’s added for the Italian impression) :). Will this ice cream make you scream? I sure hope so!


500 ml heavy cream

100 g dark chocolate

50 g butter

75 g natural sweetener Sukrin Gold

vanilla extract


Chop the dark chocolate to have it ready. If you don’t like too much of a chocolatey taste, you can use half of the suggested quantity.

Put the the sweetener in a medium saucepan and slowly dissolve on the stove while mixing it gently. Add the butter and half of the cream and bring almost to boil.

Remove from heat and add the chocolate and mix gently. When chocolate has melted, slowly add the remaining cream.

Once the mixture has chilled, put it in the ice cream maker and follow instructions. If you don’t have an ice cream maker (you should deffo get one), you can put the mixture to the freezer and blend the mixture every half an hour for a few times (the more the better). Then leave to freeze until you feel like you want to screama for ice creama!

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