LCHF Coffee Panna Cotta

I realize I have a special love-adore relationship with panna cotta. I had Raspberry Panna Cotta, I’ve shown you Chocolate Panna Cotta and on top of Coffee Mousse, I think my tastebuds are ready for Coffee Panna Cotta.


400 ml heavy cream

100 ml Jumping Goat Coffee Cold Brew (you can replace it with strong coffee)

3 tbs natural sweetener Sukrin Melis

vanilla extract

5 sheets of gelatine


Prepare your gelatine sheets as instructed on the product packaging. Chop the chocolate.

Pour heavy cream in a medium saucepan and bring almost to boil. Add Sukrin Melis, vanilla, gelatine and chocolate. Stir until it is dissolved. Pour the mixture to medium mould or cups. Store in the fridge over night. Serve with whipped cream and chocolate crumbs.

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