White Chocolate Pralines

LCHF White “Chocolate” Candy

Sugar-free chocolate candy is not so hard to make (see the Coffee Chocolate Candy recipe). Making white chocolate sugar-free candies is more of a challenge. After many failed experiments, I found the secret and I want to share it with you.


50 g coconut butter

15-20 g natural sweetener Sukrin Melis

25 g vanilla whey protein supplement (Iso Whey Zero in my case)

vanilla extract

dried raspberry for decoration (or whatever you prefer)

White Chocolate Pralines


Heat the cocoa butter and add Sukrin Melis so it melts. Then add the protein supplement and vanilla extract. Mix well and pour into silicone chocolate moulds. Sprinkle with the decoration of your choosing and refrigerate over night.

This recipe will yield 12-15 candies.

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