12 Things to Remember

  1. Do not skip fat and don’t exaggerate with protein.
  2. After initial adaptation, you should want to eat twice, max three times a day. Do not eat too often, as it makes it difficult for your insulin to be idle.
  3. Use spices. If you take a look at the spices nutrient values, it might give you a scare: but remember, it’s not only the question of quality, but also the question of quantity. Spices are used in such low quantities, they almost make no difference whatsoever. They do however have the ability to make foods delicious and diverse.
  4. Try to eat out as little as possible and choose LCHF foods. Just because you get served bread with your scrambled eggs, you are not obliged to eat it.
  5. Do not buy processed and foods prepared in advance. Use real food – food that you have to prepare yourself. Most often you will not want to eat food that is packed and has a brand name.
  6. Use canned food in moderation – fresh food is a much better choice. This is especially true when it comes to veggies. Canned fruit is worse than just fruit.
  7. Try to eat as much organic food (meat, eggs, vegetables, fats): they are richer in micronutrients, which is one of the essential roles of food.
  8. Unless absolutely necessary avoid soy and soy products or eat them in moderation.
  9. Margarine and shortening might be fat, but should you skip them altogether. Don’t eat too much mayonnaise and if you do, make sure it’s home-made.
  10. Fake milks (almond, bran, oat) are against all common sense. Just don’t, even it it’s high in fat and low in sugar. Use butter instead.
  11. General rule of a thumb with vegetables: if it grows above ground and is green, it’s OK. You can also have colourful veggies, just do not go overboard with quantities. If your daily meal is well structured, half a carrot or half of red pepper will not skew your carb ratio.
  12. Additionally, if you are trying to lose fat:
  • avoid dairy at all cost, except the butter,
  • beware of too much protein,
  • while losing fat, be extremely careful with nuts,
  • fruit is completely off the chart if you want to lose fat.

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