Ketogenic diet in children with autism spectrum disorders 2

Ketogenic diet in children with autism 2

Last summer we already published a piece on how a ketogenic diet can ameliorate some symptoms of autism spectrum disorder in children (Ketogenic diet for children with autism spectrum disorders), now we can report about another scientific paper with similar findings as regards keto for autism in children.

A group of Hawaiian researchers performed a clinical trial with 15 children, aged 2 to 17. They were given strict ketogenic diet with emphasis on MCT oil for 3 months and without any gluten.

Several clinical tests were done at baseline, three months and six months, including blood markers and two autism diagnostic tests (ADOS-2 and CARS-2).

Outcome was expected: After 3 months on the modified ketogenic, gluten-free, MCT based diet, approximately 50% children showed moderate to substantial improvement in ADOS-2 scores and 20% showed moderate changes. The findings were driven by improvements in the social affect domain. Moreover, 50% percent of subjects showed improvement on CARS-2 scores in the areas of imitation, body use, and fear or nervousness (Lee et al., 2018)

Ketogenic diet in children with autism spectrum disorders 2

LEE, R.W.Y. et al. 2018. A modified ketogenic gluten-free diet with MCT improves behavior in children with autism spectrum disorder. Physiology & Behavior, DOI: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2018.02.006

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