Benefits of ketosis for breast cancer patients

Ideally, even healthy people take care about what they eat, but the care about nutrients and their role in our health is even more important once we get sick.

Ketogenic diet is known for its potential benefits not only with epilepsy, weight loss and disturbances on the glucose-insulin axis, but also prominently as a preventive measure and adjuvant therapy with neurological disorders along with brain tumours. However, there is a growing evidence that nutritional ketosis could present a solid defence against other types of cancer – breast cancer being one of them.

Nutritional ketosis is a source of numerous physiological responses that do get in the way of the tumorigenic environment, suppressing it and thus improving patient’s outcome. Among others ketosis helps balance the hormonal state of patients, diminishes the extent of inflammatory processes, decreases insulin levels and as a consequence also the levels of some growth factors that tumours use for their expansion, decreases body fat, is extremely beneficial for the blood lipid profile, and to top it off – it does beneficially affect gene expression.

More research should be done, but ketosis does look promising even with breast cancer patients and survivors. It seems to be particularly effective for tumours with high expression of HER2 (Hyde et al., 2017).

HYDE, P.N. et al. 2017. Pleiotropic effects of nutritional ketosis: Conceptual framework for keto-adaptation as a breast cancer therapy. Cancer Treatment and Research Communications, vol. 12, no., pp. 32-39.

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