Losing weight, fixing blood with LCHF

Hi, Gašper,

I wanted to keep you in the loop with my experiences following the keto nutrition.

In the beginning of March ’17 I had 146,3 kilos, my BMI was 44,17. My weight was the source of a great desperation, given that I have tried time and time again to lose weight and get rid of my emotional eating patterns.

Despite the discouragement from my previous weight-loss shots, I decided to give it another try. I had no plan, but I knew I had to do something.

At about that time I ran into an acquaintance who lost whooping 12 kilos in two months. Of course, I wanted to know what magic pill he found. He started dropping funny letters, L-something, H-something and he mentioned a name “Gašper”. I looked it up, read everything about you online and started discovering LCHF. This was my shot! I learnt something, I had some confidence and without much ado, I started LCHF-ing.

I lost 2,6 kilos in a week! “This works and it’s good,” I was humming.

Just about a week into keto, I saw that you are looking for volunteers for the research you planned. You were looking for healthy people with BMI over 35 and I fit perfectly with my BMI 42,5 at the time. I got in!

Being a part of a clinical study was awesome and I achieved more than I could’ve ever imagined: I lost 31,8 kilos reaching 106,4 of weight, my new BMI being 31,8! What’s more, my blood test results were tip-top: I had problems with my blood results for years. My visceral fat fell from 23 to 13 on Tanita scale: almost healthy range!

While numbers speak for themselves, I have another thing to be absolutely happy about: I feel so good! I’m full of energy, I don’t have “hunger attacks”, I sleep like a baby, my mental focus is at its sharpest. I do confess, sometimes I still feel like eating something sweet, but it’s so much easier to resist. When the resistance is weak, I indulge myself with a piece of pizza or some keto dessert: I still think you only live once and occasional indulgences are part of a good life.

At the moment of writing this, I have 105 kilos: I lost 41,3! Life has become an enjoyable ride since I changed my motto from “I live to eat” to “I eat to live”. People can hardly believe what I have achieved with eating fatty food. They say I should be dead by the amounts of fat I eat 😊. So I’m curious to where this nutrition will take me. I will re-examine my blood in a few months, until then I’ll just stick to this wonderful way of eating, with addition of fasting for a day or two each month.

Gašper, I’m forever indebted to you for all the support and knowledge you share with us. I’m lighter, slimmer, I enjoy life and food is not tormenting me anymore.

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