Young mom gets her body back!

Sometimes individuals set their bars really high. Andreja was like that. With really slightly overweight body she strived to get into her pre-mommy shape. People like that are usually highly motivated: once they get proper coaching, they need to be slowed down a bit. Andreja worked out too much and I had to stop her – sometimes with women too much of working out can have catabolic effect and this can derail their efforts.


Height:168 cm
Starting Weight:62 kg
Current Weight:55 kg

What is your transformation story?

I never did any sports, but I was always also quite thin. It was during my first pregnancy that I got some extra. I managed to get rid of that by running, but after my second child it wasn’t so easy anymore. I got into crossfit and fitness, but the love-handles just wouldn’t go away – not only that, things were getting worse and worse. That’s why I contacted Gasper. The rest? Take a look at the photos. I am very proud! 🙂

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