3 Most Common Mistakes in LCHF

Too much protein

Please note LCHF is not a high protein nutrition – it’s just the opposite. People often make this mistake and then fail at LCHF. When eating meat, really pick the fatty pieces. With poultry, munch on the fat and the skin! Of course you can have chicken breast roast or a piece of lean fish: just add a stick of butter or a tablespoon of olive oil to it!

Eating too often

Some people, who are new to LCHF, have been careful with their diets even before. They have learnt that eating often is a good thing. Not to dispute, but one of the benefits you can get by eating LCHF is not eating too often. Not only that on LCHF this is easy to do – it’s also one of the things that you can benefit from. Eating less frequent will have a set of beneficial physiological consequences. The so called “eating window” should fit within 8 hours, the rest of your day you should go about perfectly well without eating.

Not enough fats!

We all were there: scared of fats and the white on the meat, butter gave us the creeps. If you want LCHF to work for you, you have to give up this fear. You will soon realize how good eating fat makes you feel without making you fat.

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