Ketones improve pancreatic beta cells health

There are many drugs and other medical interventions which today help diabetics manage the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. It has been known for some time now that one of the best lifestyle modifications for diabetes is the ketogenic diet: it can be used as a preventive measure, but it also used in patients with fully developed disease.

One of the many mechanisms of the ketogenic diet is its ability to decrease the harmful effects of insulin resistance.

But obviously there’s more to the ketogenic diet: beta hydroxybutyrate, endogenously produced ketone body, seems to play and important and extremely beneficial role with keeping the pancreatic beta cells healthy and thriving.

In a research which was recently published, it was shown that adding beta hydroxybutyrate can improve beta cell physiology and mitochondrial function by increasing the beta celss survival and proliferation, while also increasing mitochondrial mass, respiration and energy production. Unfortunately, the scientists were unable to show that these improvements affect the insulin production, but nevertheless, their findings are nothing short of amazing and an exciting path to more discoveries about the ketogenic diet and its beneficial effects for our health (Sampson et al., 2017).

SAMPSON, M. et al. 2017. β-Hydroxybutyrate improves β-cell mitochondrial function and survival. Journal of Insulin Resistance, vol. 2, no. 1, pp.

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