Death by Chocolate – LCHF ready

Death by Chocolate is a name used for variety of chocolate cakes – what they have in common is that they are very rich, use a lot of dark chocolate and cocoa. The end result can be used as cake layers or as standalone brownie like dessert with any type of addition (ganache, whipped cream, fruit sauces …).


150 g butter (at room temperature)

250 g chopped dark chocolate

4 eggs

200 g natural sweetener Sukrin Gold

60 g Organic Almond Flour Sukrin

25 g Psyllium Husk powder

70 g cocoa (Dutch processed)

200 g sour cream

1 tbsp of cream of tartar + baking soda mix (2 : 1 ratio)

pinch of cream of tartar

vanilla extract

pinch of salt


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

Mix the butter and chocolate and melt both either in a microwave or using double boiler. The mixture should be smooth, although I have yet to meet a person who would find it unbearable to find a piece of unmelted chocolate in a chocolate cake ;).

Separate the eggs. Add a pinch of cream of tartar to the egg whites and beat them until soft peaks form. Add the Sukrin Gold to the yolks and beat until the mixture is pale yellow.

Pour the chocolate mix and the sour cream to the yolks and stir well. Add vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Using a sifter or a sieve add all the dry ingredients (almond flour, Psyllium Husk powder, cocoa and the soda+cream of tartar mix). Don’t use the electric mixer for folding the dry ingredients in: from this point on, you should only use a rubber spatula.

As a final step, mix the beaten egg whites into the batter. Do it gently and carefully, adding a spoonful of egg whites at a time – the end result CAN and SHOULD look a bit lumpy.

Line the cake ring or cake pan with parchment paper (this is one way of doing it), pour in the batter and bake for at least 45 minutes. Use the toothpick test to check if your cake is done – the toothpick should come out slightly “dirty”. If it comes out clean, pull the cake out immediately – you baked it too long. Don’t throw it away, though, it will probably just be a little drier than intended. A ring with 26 cm in diameter will be fine with this recipe.

Keep the cake in the ring and let it chill on a wire rack. If you want to make a layer cake, put the cake in the fridge for an hour and then using a serrated knife, cut the layers out. Depending on your skill you will either have 3 thin or 2 thicker layers.

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